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Huckleberry Finn was a boy with no home. Jim was a runaway robot in search of freedom. Together they embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime.

Watch the trailer for the project to the left, download a free sample above (with an introduction from the editors Gabriel Diani & Etta Devine), and buy your very own copy of the text (with NO mention of race whatsoever) below!

eBook - $5.99

Immediate Digital Download in ePub and PDF formats, supported by most major eBook readers including iBooks (for iPhones/iPads), Nook, Kobo eReader, Sony Reader and others.

Note: this version will not currently work on the Kindle range. For Kindle books, please visit Kindle Store

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Hardback (+ eBook) - $24.99

Lovingly crafted Hardback version, plus a Free Immediate Digital Download of the eBook version above.

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Each of the below items comes complete with a FREE immediate digital download of the ebook, and you can also add a Hardback copy to your order for the reduced price of ONLY $20!

E.W. Kemble's original illustrations have been painstakingly altered by Artist Denise Devine to replace Jim with Robot Jim! Own your own 5 x 7 inch print of the beautiful frontispiece here!

Illustration - $15.99

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Illustration + Hardback Bundle - $35.99

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Made of sterling silver wire & measuring 1.25 inch long by 0.5 inch tall, ROBOT hangs from a 16 inch sterling silver chain & is brought together by two genuine pearls. Handmade at Under Oak Studios.

Necklace - $49.99

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Necklace + Hardback Bundle - $69.99

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Designed & handmade from plaster and wire by artist Chad Meserve (Day Of The Robot), only 40 of these 4.5 inch mixed media sculptures are available, so get them quickly!

Robot Jim - $99.99

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Robot Jim + Hardback Bundle - $119.99

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